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Skin In The Game
October 16, 2017 12:44 PM PDT
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As Israel advanced into the Promised Land, the Lord wanted to ensure that their hearts were fully invested into trusting and obeying Him...unlike their forefathers. So He reinstituted the act of circumcision, which indicated that they were set apart to Him. Circumcision required personal sacrifice and pain, because that is what true investment requires. For disciples of Jesus Christ, there needs to be the same investment--what we would call "skin in the game". Romans describes this as the "circumcision of our hearts"--which means living completely surrendered to the Lord.

12 Stones
October 08, 2017 03:18 PM PDT
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As Israel miraculously started to take possession of the Promised Land, the Lord wanted to make sure they recognized and remembered His mercy and provision. So He tells them to set up two memorials, made of stones taken out of the Jordan River. This study from Joshua 4 reminds us to move forward in the victory that the Lord secures, fully content in Him. And it calls us to establish our own written memorials--remembering significant evidences of God's grace and specific personal examples of how He has helped us.

That First Step
October 01, 2017 02:27 PM PDT
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In Joshua 3, Israel is on the banks of the Jordan River, about to take that first step in the Promised Land. But the Lord has some prerequisites for them that are necessary to get their hearts and minds in the correct place. Those spiritual principles of consecration, confirmation and confident faith apply directly to us, as we walk with the Lord and focus on fulfilling the Great Commission every day. When we live by these prerequisites, the Lord is waiting to do an awesome, powerful work!

Over Before It Begins
September 25, 2017 10:49 AM PDT
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Apprehensive as they prepared to go into the Promised Land, Israel sent two spies in to scope it out, using unconventional means to hide. But the Lord showed them that this was a time to see how He would work in powerful ways. And it was the word of one of their enemies that actually built their confidence and expectation, because she knew that God had already secured victory for HIs people. When we apply that to our lives and to outreach in fulfilling the Great Commission, we become more passionate about praying for people to come under conviction and know the awesome awesome truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.

September 19, 2017 10:55 AM PDT
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Any time the Lord brings us into a new situation--a "reset"--we need confidence, courage and His commission on our lives. In this new series in Joshua called "Taking New Ground", we are drawing parallels between Israel's calling to occupy and gain victory, and our calling as believers to advance into the world and reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be effective in this, we need to be sanctified, have God's security, and be strong and courageous.

All We Need
September 16, 2017 09:27 AM PDT
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Why was the early church so powerful and effective? At the start, they had no resources, no confidence and no fallback. And yet, people were saved by the thousands, and there were baptisms, miracles, and advancement, all with the undeniable presence and power and leading of the Holy Spirit, In this study from Prayer Meeting, we see that it is only when we are fully yielded the Holy Spirit and asking Him for a fresh outpouring of His power that we will see Him work as He did in Acts 2.

Ready Or Not
September 12, 2017 08:29 AM PDT
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A week of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and nuclear threats reminds us that Jesus said these are the "birth pangs" signalling His return. Though "no man knows the day or hour", His parable of the 10 bridesmaids in Matthew 25 shows that there are 3 responses to warnings of danger. This study challenges us to examine how we are responding and preparing for His return.

September 03, 2017 08:51 PM PDT
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Tragedies like a devastating hurricane and a serious accident of a friend can cause us to wonder why the Lord allows such difficulties instead of preventing them, especially in the lives of those who trust Him. In 1 Kings 17, there was a woman who experienced both circumstantial and personal tragedy, and asked why God didn't seem to care. But through the prophet Elijah, the Lord shows her (and us) 5 reasons why He takes us through certain difficulties. This study encourages us to be stirred to deeper faith and wise action.

Grin And Bear It
August 28, 2017 12:21 PM PDT
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As technology has increased, the family has broken down and church attendance has decreased, studies show that people are more isolated and disconnected than ever. So when we live out the calling to "bear one another's burdens" from Galatians 6, we can not only increase care and community, but can impact people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this study, we see the three practical ways that we can minister to each other and show the love of Christ at all times.

August 24, 2017 09:06 PM PDT
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There are two resources and responsibilities that are unique for the disciple of Jesus Christ: Direct access to the living God through prayer, and proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this study, Tony Yocco stresses the vital importance of proclamation--speaking about God's grace and how He has changed us, through our lives and especially through our words.

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