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Living Proof
April 22, 2019 02:42 PM PDT
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The most important issue every person must deal with is what to do the fact that Jesus Christ's tomb is empty. When we look at the historical Biblical text, and think through it logically, there are 4 credible, convincing proofs about His resurrection. The preponderance of evidence, along with the radical transformation in the disciples and all of Jesus' followers, gives conclusive support to the word of the eyewitnesses who saw Him alive. And the fact that He has defeated the grave calls each person to a decision about whether to believe and accept Him as Savior.

Threads In The Linen
April 21, 2019 07:09 PM PDT
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In the days of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, the Lord was very specific about all the details--especially about linen cloth with blue, purple and scarlet thread interwoven in it. This linen presented an advance picture of Jesus Christ, Who came to "tabernacle" among us. Each of the three colors holds a powerful meaning related to Jesus and His sacrifice for sin, and how He purifies us. This study will amaze you at the consistent message the Lord provides throughout Scripture, giving unmistakable imagery about our Savior.

The Next Time
April 15, 2019 09:56 AM PDT
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There are 7 major times when Jesus visited Jerusalem. Each one confirmed Who He is and His purpose for coming here as "the Word in flesh, dwelling among us". Pieced together, these visits communicate a full understanding of the Gospel message--that a loving God wants to save all people from our sin. Everything Jesus came to do will culminate in the next time He comes to Jerusalem: To set up His eternal Kingdom.

Andrew's Approach
April 07, 2019 04:30 PM PDT
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The one active responsibility Jesus gave believers before He left for heaven was to go out to share the Gospel and make disciples. But for many, that calling is intimidating, so we become hesitant, and don't follow through. That's why it's valuable to look at the example of Andrew, who made it a priority to bring people to meet Jesus. Even though he was overshadowed as Peter's younger brother, Andrew loved truth, and believed in Jesus as the Anointed Son of God. His passion for people to know the Lord inspires us to invite people to church and to tell them about God's love and salvation.

Reaching Out
April 03, 2019 06:06 AM PDT
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Prayer requires deep faith, reaching out in confidence, and gratitude--all three are interconnected. In Mark 5, there was a woman with a great need, and she believed if she could just touch Jesus' cloak as He walked by, she would be healed. Her courageous faith made her determined to get near Him. When Jesus stopped to identify her, she responded with humility and brokenness, and Jesus' response shows us the power of His mercy and kindness to us when we trust. This short study from Prayer Meeting calls us to bold faith that acts on our conviction.

Maybe The Best Thing
April 01, 2019 10:10 PM PDT
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Hope is an interesting concept. It is desire that usually contains some degree of uncertainty--the weather, or a sports team's chances of winning, or even serious, life-threatening situations. But in Romans 15:13, we read about "the God of hope", Who gives us confident expectation and fills us with joy and peace. He wants to give those who trust in Him abundant hope that will stoke unshakable faith and a fresh supply of power from the Holy Spirit.

Just Say Yes
March 26, 2019 05:00 PM PDT
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Is the Christian life just making a decision to receive Jesus, and then giving Him part of your life...or is it being completely sold out for Him? Using his personal testimony as the foundation, Tony Yocco shares several passages, including one about the rich young ruler, who went away sad after Jesus called him to give all to follow Him.

The Value Of Failure
March 18, 2019 07:33 AM PDT
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Recent news broke about wealthy parents cheating the system to get their kids into college. By trying to protect their kids from failure, they robbed them of a real life education. All throughout the Bible, the Lord details men and women who failed--including John Mark. These examples remind us that every person is a spiritual failure and needs a Saviour. They also teach us 5 ways in which failure should develop us personally and spiritually, rather than devastating us.

Two Sides Of The Coin
March 11, 2019 10:17 AM PDT
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When we are struggling or dealing with a trial, Psalm 40 tells us that if we patiently wait on the Lord with faith, He will graciously respond with five amazing actions to support and strengthen us. His response shows the depth of His love and mercy, and the unfailing sufficiency of His help. Once we experience those, or when life is going well at the moment, we then have respond with our own faithful actions. Those actions not only show our gratitude and delight to walk in His will, but they will have a profound influence in leading others to Christ.

An Amazing Truth
March 08, 2019 09:56 AM PST
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When we pray, it requires a strong focus and a strong faith. We have to set aside time to enter in God's presence, and then trust that He will be gracious and generous in answering. In his final words to Israel, Moses talked about why this is so important: Because the Lord is so near to His people that He meets us whenever we call on Him. This simple, amazing truth is easy to take for granted. But this short Prayer Meeting study calls us to see this with a new perspective, and to be humbled and eager to utilize this awesome privilege.

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