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Changing The Rule
February 18, 2019 10:49 AM PST
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Every person has pain in their past, often associated with someone who has hurt us, been mean to us, or broken our heart. We may not want to forgive them, especially when they don't apologize, but doing so will free us from the chains of anger and resentment. In this study from Colossians 3, we look at the example of Jesus Christ, and see how extending grace and being willing to forgive not only reveals a transformed heart, but changes our perspective and heals relationships.

Moving Past The Past
February 11, 2019 09:19 AM PST
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There are times when we wish we could have a "do over" with something in our past. Our frustration over what has happened in the past can make us sad, or we may idealize something or someone, creating unhappiness with our life now. In Ecclesiastes 7, the Spirit teaches us about the harmful effects of living in the past, both personally and spiritually. Then, reminding us of His wisdom and work, He calls us to see His purpose in allowing difficulty and "bending" our plans when they are misguided.

The Cure For Discouragement
February 06, 2019 10:05 AM PST
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Discouragement can be a common struggle, and there are multiple spiritual factors which can contribute to it. In John 21, Peter was wrestling with his own sense of failing Jesus, especially after he had boldly declared that he would never turn aside or deny Jesus. So the Lord meets him and the others in a familiar setting in Galilee. Peter's response to Jesus being there, and the Lord's words to him, give us great insight into how to move beyond discouragement.

First One In
February 04, 2019 11:10 AM PST
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There is nothing the Lord values more than our faith. It is at the center of everything we know and are as believers. In John 5, Jesus meets a sick man at the Pool of Bethesda, whose perseverance and hope showed that he was trusted the Lord would move in his life and help him. So when Jesus asks the pivotal question for mankind--"Do you want to be healed?--it not only applies to the man in that moment, but causes us to evaluate the question spiritually. When He calls us to faith, there are three responses that show we believe He is the Saviour and that we have been transformed.

A False Sense Of Security
January 28, 2019 03:19 PM PST
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Many of the warnings Jesus gave were to those who were arrogantly confident about what they perceived as their religious security. John the Baptist, who announced Jesus, confronted the spiritual hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Their proud reliance on their position and practices overshadowed the fact that their hearts were spiritually dry and unwilling to change. It is important for us to assess whether any of the same attitudes and misconceptions are influencing us. Jesus then calls us to live by conviction and bear good fruit, not intimidated by the fact that we will face opposition, but stirred that we can share the hope that is in Him.

The Remnant
January 20, 2019 06:21 PM PST
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The message the Lord gave to a small group from Judah who were not taken into captivity offers fascinating parallels for us today. There are similarities in the spiritual culture, which is cause for concern as we look at what is happening within the American Church. But this "remnant" had characteristics that the Lord highlighted, and in the middle of discouragement and crisis, He offered them words of great hope. We can experience the same promises He made to them if we will be "set apart" for the Lord. This study is a call to deeper conviction and faithful action!

Getting It Right
January 14, 2019 11:27 PM PST
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As believers, we have to establish a correct and consistent way of thinking, so temptations don't persuade us, and trials don't discourage us, and spiritual warfare doesn't defeat us. In this study from Prayer Meeting, Psalm 105 teaches us the importance of focusing on the Lord in order to maintain the right perspective. This helps fight discouragement from forming in our heart and mind, and makes us strong and glad.

Morning By Morning
January 14, 2019 11:23 PM PST
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The Bible tells us that God is always faithful, and His mercies are new every morning. So how do we reciprocate such a kind, gracious gift, and sacrifice in return? In Ezekiel 46, the Lord called Israel to offer 3 distinct sacrifices "morning by morning". The deep spiritual meanings behind the burnt, grain and oil offerings have tremendous application for our lives now, and should change the way we start every day.

Standing On The High Dive
January 06, 2019 03:26 PM PST
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In Exodus 33, Moses had experienced great frustration but also the power of standing in the literal presence of the Lord. Because of that, he wanted to know the Lord more fully and only where the Lord led. Even with all the amazing experiences he'd had, Moses desired a greater expression of God's glory. It would seem obvious that we would ask for that, but there are two hindrances which prevent that from being our foremost desire. So as the new year begins, this study is a definitive call to move forward in deeper faith, and ask for fresh work of the Lord.

The Power Of Prayer
January 01, 2019 12:52 PM PST
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Throughout the Bible, and in our own experiences, there is unmistakable evidence that God answers prayer. When we cry out to Him, like the believers did when Peter was put in jail in Acts 12, the Lord breaks chains and releases us into freedom. In this study, Adam Lopez calls us to prayer, and to praise God for all the ways He answers.

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