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Changing How We Think
August 20, 2018 10:28 AM PDT
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One of the challenges as we get older is being willing to change. This is exacerbated by the spiritual battle for our minds. In Acts 11, there was a group of Jewish believers who were closed to the new reality of the Gentiles receiving the Gospel and being part of the Body of Christ. But the evidence was clear that the Lord was doing a new work. This study reveals how we should respond when change happens, and how we can use it to trust the Lord and progress in our walk.

Cards On The Floor
August 13, 2018 08:24 AM PDT
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In the final study from the Psalm 23 series "Living In God's Strength", we look at one of the most amazing promises the Lord makes: That His goodness and lovingkindness actually follows believers. He pursues us with His mercy, looks after us to protect and help us, and keeps us secure, because He wants to impart what is spiritually beneficial into our lives everyday. We will experience this as long as we are walking in His will, and reciprocating in the same way that He is ministering to us.

Do You Love God?
August 05, 2018 04:13 PM PDT
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Guest Speaker Jamie Cannalte encourages us to evaluate the extent of our love for the Lord.

Fire Power
August 05, 2018 03:54 PM PDT
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Guest Speaker Adam Lopez exhorts us to be "on fire" for the Lord by being filled with the Holy Spirit, Who gives us power for our lives.

The Overflow
July 22, 2018 01:20 PM PDT
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There is an important shift in our relationship with the Lord in the middle of Psalm 23: As believers, we are no longer treated as sheep. The Lord proves His eternal victory over sin and our enemy by inviting us to eat at His table. There, He sets us apart and anoints us with the oil of His blessing. And as we see in this 5th study in our series, "Living In God's Strength", His grace and blessing is so abundant that when He pours it out on us, it overflows.

Between The Cliffs
July 16, 2018 08:49 AM PDT
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David not only knew what it was like to face danger as a shepherd, but he had also experienced many painful times in his personal life. And yet, he knew that fear should not control someone who knows the Lord and has experienced His mercy and help. So David writes about "walking through the valley of the shadow of death", but he chooses to not live in fear, because he knows the strength of the protection and promises of God. It is a powerful reassurance for anyone struggling through a difficult situation that our Shepherd is our Defense and provides guidance to us.

Persistent Cries
July 13, 2018 09:23 AM PDT
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In Mark 10, we see the interaction Jesus had with a blind beggar named Bartimaeus. This man had a serious problem that could have caused insecurity and self-doubt, isolating him from others. But as the huge crowd went by him, Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus for mercy, not deterred by the criticism of the crowd and the desperation of his situation. Jesus' Personal response, and Bartimaeus' proactive action, teaches us wonderful truths about the power of prayer.

Speaking From Experience
July 09, 2018 10:38 AM PDT
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There are times when our soul--our inner self--needs to be turned back to what is right and righteous. This need can be due to living in sin, yielding to temptation, or facing spiritual warfare. David had lived all three first-hand, so he spoke from experience about how this affects our soul. So in v. 3 of Psalm 23, he talks about the Lord's power to "restore" us so that we are walking in "paths of righteousness".

(Due to technical issues, the audio is less than ideal in the second half of the message.)

July 02, 2018 08:51 AM PDT
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When we trust the Lord as our Shepherd, the second verse of Psalm 23 will be ideal and desirable. But if we are hesitant to yield to Him, and still want to have some control, there will be a chronic unsettledness in our lives. In this second study of the series "Living In God's Strength", we see that the Lord has to shut down our control and prompt us to rest in His provision. He will then refresh us spiritually and personally, feed us with His goodness, and always lead us to a place of greater strength.

Needing Everything And Nothing
June 26, 2018 07:26 AM PDT
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In our new series on Psalm 23, we study the first verse, in which David establishes the awesome concept that the Lord is our Shepherd. But that also means that we are sheep, who are known to be dependent, somewhat unintelligent, stubborn, hesitant to listen and prone to wander away. So we need a Shepherd, and because the Lord is so gracious and faithful, we can confidently rely on Him for all we need. He claims us as His own, and then turns our negative attributes into powerfully positive ones.

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